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We Challenge you 


“For every great piece of art
which comes to life, there is a
team of highly skilled artists
behind the scenes”

never compromise

In a city that’s consistently being ranked at the top of the list of places to live in, and boasting of being one of the best in the world, there is no doubt that the construction industry is booming with upcoming projects that make their mark along Sydney’s iconic skyline.

For every great piece of art which comes to life, there is a team of highly skilled artists behind the scenes, contributing in the making of such astonishing artistic edifices.

Challenging traditional views of the trade industry, our vision is to raise the bar on quality and professionalism within the painting trade to a new level. Disrupting the market with a team of young forward thinking individuals, Modern endeavours to introduce technology and innovation to a traditional trade industry. 

 This separates Modern’s services from other industry competitors. This is where Modern Painting Group shines and delivers their outstanding work showcasing talent in what they do best. We Live by the fierce motto, “Never Compromise”, Modern Painting Group embodies the ease of project management and frameworks by utilising their cutting edge technology , knowledge, expertise and resources to offer practical solutions.

Modern Painting Group only uses the highest quality workmanship and promises quality, which is why our eyes are cast on the next big up and coming project.

Frank Forouzandeh

Founder & Executive Director at Modern Group

Frank Forouzandeh

Executive Director

Bez Mizarei

CFO / Legal Advisor

Ian Nguyen

Bid Manager

George Savvides

Operations Manager

Matthew Writght

Project Manager

Ben Ghasemian

Project Supervisor

Mehrad Atayan

Project Manager

Amin Razaie

Project Manager ACT

Emiliano Dinius

Project Coordinator ACT

Parisa Nikkho

Project Manager

Joshua Rotundo

Project Coordinator

Maggie Wu


Michael Head


Sheida Ghofrany


Katrina Nakhoul

Marketing Coordinator

Ari Modaressi

Office Administrator

Brenden Wills

Accounts Coordinator

Gloria Deng

Accounts Officer

Tracy Pham

Data Coordinator

Daniel Santoro

Project Supervisor

Hugo Khandan

Material Handler

Roger Brentnall

Resource Officer

Sam Mehrkhavari

Managing Director

Lucas Rotundo

Project Engineer

Shima Ghoshtaei

Project Estimator

Fred Naeimi

Project Supervisor